Long Range Facilities Planning Committee

Crook County School District

All large school districts in Oregon are required to complete a Long Range Facility Plan every ten years. The purpose of the document is to plan for future capital improvements within the context of current educational vision and student enrollment trends. The plan provides a strategic framework to be tested against community voice and vision prior to future bond campaigns.

The Crook County School Board accepted the Long Range Facility Plan in September of 2021 after a year of development and engagement with the broader District community. The Long-Range Facility Plan outlines a sequence of planning processes intended to guide future capital investments over the next 10 years. The plan synthesizes three primary considerations: 

  • Educational program requirements
  • Enrollment and capacity
  • Facility condition

These considerations are guided by a strategic vision established by the district and informed by input from the broader district community. 35 community members that included parents, teachers, students, elected officials, community volunteers, district staff, and school board members participated in the planning process to assess the current conditions of buildings, health and safety, and technology and classroom needs for teachers and students. 

In January of 2022, the Crook County School Board voted unanimously to accept the findings of the Long Range Facilities Plan and place a $66 Million Bond Measure on the  May, 2022 Ballot. You can find additional information on what the bond entails by visiting our bond measure website: https://crookcountyschoolbond.org/