Family Access Network

Crook County School District

The Family Access Network offers assistance, possibility, and hope to Central Oregon families in need by connecting them with crucial resources that will help children flourish in school and in life. FAN is unique to Central Oregon, located in nearly all public schools across Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson counties. Working through a dedicated FAN advocate, a child or parent is connected to essential services such as food, shelter, heating, health care, clothing and more.

FAN advocates link children and families to critical basic need services with the goal of keeping children healthy and in school. FAN provides a direct and convenient way within the school to connect children to vital resources, and coordinates with over 100 partners to ensure those in need are assisted quickly. FAN advocates support our most needy families, removing barriers and paving the way for a child’s success. Every year, FAN advocates improve the lives of nearly 8,000 children and family members in our region.


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FAN Advocates

Vanessa Nolan


Brenda Boback

541-416-4212 ext 3412 – Desk Phone
541-233-3018 – Cell Phone

Serving families at Barnes Butte, Crooked River, Steins Pillar, Crook County Middle School, Crook County Highschool, Pioneer Alternative High School, Larson Learning Center, Mountain Star Relief Nursey, and Head Start