Online Registration

New Family/New to CCSD (Click the Plus)

  • On the next page select “More Options.” You’ll see an icon to Create New Account.
  • If your family is new to and has never attended any K-12 CCSD schools.
  • You have no students currently enrolled in CCSD schools.
  • You will be enrolling a new to CCSD schools student(s).

Current/Returning Family (Click the Plus)

  • You have a student(s) currently enrolled in CCSD schools.
  • You will be enrolling a new to CCSD schools student(s).
  • If you have a student(s) previously enrolled or ever attended a K-12 school at CCSD.
  • You would like to update your student’s information.

Current Family

Welcome to the Online Registration Application Process


New and returning families who require bus transportation need to sign up during the online registration process in the ParentVue account. You’ll automatically be prompted to choose Yes or No.  


CCSD Schools is currently taking student enrollments.


What You Will Need

  • Access to a desktop/laptop computer or device.
  • Email account.
  • Minimum of one (1) local emergency contact and phone number (other than a parent/guardian).
  • Immunization vaccine dates for your student (new student only, paper record still required for school).
  • Student’s health conditions and medications taken at school (new student only).
  • Student’s residential address. Enrollment is submitted to the attendance area school. Enrollments can be transferred, once approved.
If you need assistance with the online registration, please call  your students’ school office.




Crooked River Elementary

  • 541-447-6488

Barnes Butte Elementary

  • 541-416-4150

Brothers Elementary

  • 541-416-4160

Paulina Elementary

  • 541-416-4170

Steins Pillar Elementary

  • 541-416-4230

Crook County Middle School

  • 541-447-6283

Crook County High School

  • 541-416-6900

Pioneer High School

  • 541-447-1268

Virtual Programs

  • Grizzly Mountain HomeLink
    • 541-416-4153
  • CCSD Schools On-Line Option
    • 541-416-4235