CCMS Course Content

To find relevant syllabi for CCMS 22/23 classes , please click on a relevant subject matter button below. Also included are the names of current teachers that are teaching particular subjects for the 22/23 school year.

Betty Evans

Eric Provost

Heidi Merwin

Mykle Whiting 

Matt Fischer

Austin Crook


John Ferarro

Casey Hagan

Cedar Mackaness

Daryl Powell

Hayden Bates

Julia Neuhaus

Bailey Howell

Katie Fricke 

Mark Blanchard 

John Cripe

Tammy Crouch

Courtney Vaccaro 


Cally Modin

Becky Carter

Jake Shinkle

Michelle Malone 

Sara Rogers

Melissa Waltjen



Katrina Cross 

Ernie Brooks

Heidi Lea

Jacob Schuler

Jim Crouch

Kathryn Koch

Kayla Smietana

Tina Katzenberger