CCSS and Smarter Balanced Resources

  • Ask Dr. Math:  Dr. Math is part of a larger consortium entitled The Math Forum which offers multi-grade level resources for educators and fun humanities sites related to mathematics such as art, poetry, and food. Sample algebra and geometry lesson plans round out the site. In the Ask Dr. Math portion, site visitors can explore an archive of mathematical questions and responses divided into elementary, middle school, high school and college levels. At the end of the archive, there is an open invitation to ask your own question.   
  • Busy Teachers’ Website:  Designed to provide K-12 teachers with direct source materials, lesson plans, and classroom activities with a minimum of site-to-site linking. Mathematics, science, and other topics are covered. Links to Internet Discussion Groups for Educators (and Students) are provided.
  • Math Forum Home Page:  Whatever you are looking for in the world of mathematics, there is probably a link to it from here.
  • NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics):  References the latest information on NCTM publications, conferences, journal articles, press releases, and other math education-related materials.
  • OCTM (Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics):  Has the latest information on what is happening in mathematics education statewide.  
  • Oregon Department of Education:  Provides access to various teacher math information and resources.
  • Puzzlemaker:  Need a sponge activity or extra credit handout for your lesson tomorrow? Want to spice up a newsletter or flyer? This site lets you create your own mazes, word searches, crosswords, number blocks, math squares, and more. All you do is enter information and click the “create” button, wait a few seconds, then print your customized puzzle.



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