COVID-19 Communications

The school district believes transparency is essential, and we are updating how we communicate the impacts of COVID-19 in our schools. Here is the process:


  1. If there’s a positive COVID-19 case in any school, or if a student or staff member is exposed to the virus, the families of the students impacted will receive a personalized call from a school nurse with information and directions about the need to quarantine. This will ensure parents are well-informed, and have the opportunity to ask questions. If you don’t receive a call from a school nurse, your child is unaffected and was not exposed to the virus. 


  1. Every Wednesday, the school district will post a COVID-19 Activity Report to social media and the district website. It will include information about the impact of the virus in each school, such as positive cases and number of quarantines. There will also be a chart showing the latest case counts and trends in Crook County. 


  1. If there’s an outbreak in a school, or a large number of staff or students are required to quarantine at once, the district will send out a letter to families explaining the situation, and if any further actions are required. Parents may also receive a phone call or text message to ensure timely delivery of important information.  


We will remain extra cautious in our approach to exposures and quickly quarantine students and staff based on recommendations from school nurses. This practice will keep our buildings safe and ensure we can stay open and continue providing in-person instruction without moving all students to Comprehensive Distance Learning. We will evaluate COVID-19 on a building-by-building basis, and make decisions in consultation with public health experts.