The Oregon School Counselor Association (OSCA) recognized Dr. Joel Hoff – AssistantSuperintendent for Crook County S.D. – and the Crook County High School administrative team forthe 2021 Administrator of the Year Award at the OSCA Annual Conference on November 5th held atOregon State University. The Oregon School Counselor Association thanks Dr. Hoff and the highschool administrative team for their support of their counselors in providing comprehensive schoolcounseling services to Crook County High School students. 

The high school counselors – Brittney Haddon, Ann Kasberger, and Darin Kessi shared the followingabout Dr. Hoff and the administrative team. 

Dr. Joel Hoff

Joel Hoff has been an integral part and catalyst to the upward trajectory of our district andspecifically Crook County High School. He served CCHS as assistant principal beginning in 2012 until2019. In 2019 he became assistant superintendent where he currently serves the district in thatrole. 

In Joel’s seven years at CCHS he brought a consistent level of excellence to our school. Joel’s abilityto manage tasks simultaneously is extraordinary. His ability to manage challenges and to pressthrough them with resiliency has been a common theme. He sets the bar in collaborating with staff,working with families, and brokering for the needs of students. He was and continues to be a hugeadvocate for the CCHS counseling department. He understands our students and their varyingneeds and he recognizes and appreciates the unique value and opportunity that counselors in ourdistrict bring to their schools. He continues to support our department by encouraging us to strivefor excellence, to push through barriers, and to keep the challenges that we face in perspective. Hiscalm, steady, and strong leadership has and continues to serve the CCHS counseling department,our school, and now our district on a broader level. He continues to support our department in themidst of the re-creation of our comprehensive school counseling program acknowledging andsupporting our needs and advocating for this venture. We feel so fortunate to have such a leaderwithin our district who we know is championing for each member within the district whether thatbe student, staff, parent, or patron. 

CCHS Admin Team

The CCHS Admin Team works closely with the counseling department to support CCHS students,parents, and staff. Team members include principal Michelle Jonas, assistant principals Jason Ritterand Jake Huffman, and Athletic Director Rob Bonner. Together they are fierce advocates for CCHSstudents and families. Our Admin Team works tirelessly to serve our students and community.They love students and they have combined their unique talents to form a very strong team in aneffort to serve. They support the counseling team by giving us autonomy to infuse our ownstrengths into our department and school to best serve students. They model exceptional effortand determination to help our students, teachers, and families. They have advocated for andpartnered with our department as we worked to navigate the myriad of challenges that COVID-19brought to our district and school. They have shown commitment to our department byencouraging us to access any and all resources to better improve our department and our ownpersonal counseling growth. 

More recently, as we work through the challenges of our comprehensive school counseling program overhaul they are supportive and encouraging in this endeavor and have brokeredvaluable and essential resources to ensure our success. We have been fortunate to have ascheduler and third counselor added to our counseling team. To a person, they are committed toour department and have demonstrated their commitment to us time and time again through thisprocess. The CCHS counseling department is grateful for our Admin Team for the commitmentthat they continue to show us as we find new ways to turn obstacles into opportunities for ourschool and community.