What Our Schools are Doing About COVID-19

On January 26th, students at CCMS and CCHS returned to a full-time schedule. The safety of students and staff remain our top priority as the school district continues to offer in-person instruction as an option for local families. Our leadership developed comprehensive safety response plans that guide our daily operations and how we respond to any potential or positive COVID-19 cases in our schools. We are fortunate to have two incredible school nurses – Wendy Perrin and Megan McPhetridge – who monitor and respond to all health concerns in the schools. All decisions about staying open and responding to the virus are made in coordination with the Crook County Health Department and their team of public health experts. 


Safety Protocols & Virus Resources

COVID-19 Safety Videos

COVID-19 Communications

Communication about COVID-19 to families will occur on a building-by-building basis. Updates and announcements will be sent home to parents based on two scenarios:

  • Staff or student tests positive
    • Risk level is communicated
    • Quarantine information is provided
    • Recommended actions by parents, if necessary
  • Exposure with elevated risk level
    • Parents will also be notified if a potential exposure (based on symptoms, contacts, timing, etc.) rises to a level of concern that immediate action needs to be taken even without a positive test result, such as a significant or total classroom quarantine.
  • Families who are concerned about the virus can easily switch to one of our online programs: