I have taught for 33 years and Erin Bush is one of the most focused students I have encountered. Erin maintains a 3.8 GPA and has achieved this by taking one of the most rigorous schedules Crook County High School offers. As a student body officer, Erin has been instrumental in coordinating and administering many of our community service activities. She is a bright and articulate young woman who has clear plans for her education and future.

Erin is very involved in both school and community activities. As an ASB officer she participates as a liaison between our administration and school board. As a student athlete she has been a member of our Soccer and Oregon High School Equestrian Team. Erin is also active in many of our extracurricular clubs; she is an officer in our local FFA chapter, a district officer for our regional FFA chapters, a member of Honor Society and an American Red Cross volunteer. Erin is a very busy young woman who has a better grasp of time management than most adults. Despite her busy schedule, she still makes time for family. She has a very strong set of morals and values that guide her and is very respected by her peers and teachers.

Erin is an inspirational young woman who has a passion for horses and caring about others. Her plans include pursuing a career in Agricultural Industry and she has the background and experience to become very successful in that field.

Vicki Duncan, Teacher/ASB Advisor